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Melasma Cures

Could your bathroom habits be affecting your Melasma?

Let’s talk about Poop baby…let’s talk about you and me(lasma)..let’s talk about all the good things and the bad things that can be. that I’ve definitely showed my age by turning a Salt & Pepa rap lyric into a blog intro about poop, let me tell you about some interesting information I found today!

I was cruising the internet looking for cures for Melasma…like I usually do and came across this little tidbit of information

“Estrogen is excreted by the bowel; if stool remains in the bowel, estrogen is reabsorbed.”

This little known fact blew my mind, and hopefully is part of the code in unlocking what is causing my Melasma. As you probably know by now, Melasma is caused by an imbalance in hormones.

According to the Women’s International Pharmacy;

“Melasma is hyperpigmentation of the skin associated with hormone disturbances. The underlying hormone responsible is melanocyte stimulating hormone (MSH). This hormone increases the production of melanin, which is responsible for darkening the skin. Extra estrogen stimulation actually increases MSH, which in turn increases the amount of melanin deposited. “

The result of this increase in estrogen in the body is patches of darkened skin on your face known as Melasma. Unfortunately for those of us with excess estrogen, there are many causes for why your hormones may be out of whack. Stress, pregnancy, adrenal fatigue, birth control pills, or leaky gut can be to blame for why you are seeing an excess of estrogen hormones in your body. OR….as we just learned, estrogen can actually be reabsorbed into your body if you do not have a bowel movement regularly, thus leading to an increase in estrogen.

I don’t know about you…but at the risk of being REALLY TMI, I definitely am not as regular as I should be. I mean…REALLY not regular…as in I’m lucky to go to the bathroom 2x a week. Which makes me think that my sluggish digestive system is definitely contributing to my hormonal imbalance….which is, in turn, causing my Melasma.

I do try to take probiotics and drink Kombucha regularly, but sometimes forget or sometimes just go completely off the wagon (which is where I am these days). So I think this little nugget of information (like the pun?) is enough to get me back on a regular probiotic and fiber pill.

If you do not go to the bathroom regularly and have Melasma, it might be in your best interest to see if you can get more regular. Here are a few ways to get into a more regular bathroom routine:

  • Take in more fiber by eating starchy fruits and vegetables
  • Start taking a daily fiber supplement (These are the ones I like: Vitafusion Fiber Well Gummies
  • Drink lots of water, at least (8) 8oz cups of water per day
  • Take a daily Probiotic (I like this one: Hyperbiotics Pro-15 Biotics)

What do you think? Are you regular? Do you think your lack of regularity could be causing your Melasma?

Disclaimer: I am not a doctor :) I'm just a girl who suffers from melasma and I'm on a quest to find out as much information about the disorder as I can and hopefully rid myself of Melasma once and for all.

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  1. Katie

    I’ve had nelasma for over 5 years. I have tried peels, exfoliation, otc creams, prescription creams etc. Morning worked. Some even made it worse.

    I met someone who had cured her melasma and she explained to me how she had done it. It was a long explanation and as you can imagine I was so focused on the “magic formula” that I paid little attention to the reason behind it.

    To make a long story short. I’ve been almost free of melasma for over a year and I have survived a particularly hot summer (I live in florida). I saw almost free because you can still see some minor discoloration but it’s easily covered with makeup.

    This is what I did. Nothing more. At this point I had quit creams and acid peels. So I’m sure this is what helped me.

    – daily turmeric with water mask. Leaves a yellow tint so I do it at night and left it for 30 minutes. Rinsed with facial cleanser and went to sleep like that. By the morning the tint is gone (absorbed). Don’t do it with milk or vinegar. Not as effective.

    For maintenance I now do it twice a week only.

    – 1,200 grams of turmeric supplement every day. Pause it for a week every three weeks.

    – A green juice every day. I bought a juice extractor and prepare them myself. Carrots, celery, spinach, beets, apple, cucumber… switch it up every day.

    -I limited sugar in my diet to the max. I quit sodas, ice creams, sugar in my coffee, and always check everything I buy for sugar content (even ketchup has sugar so this is important for me). I also watch for fruits high in natural sugar. Rather eat some fruits than juice them. This is what my friend said was the most important aspect of the regimen. So I avoid sugars as much as possible. I limit artificial sweeteners as well. Almost never eat those. I eat organic dark chocolate when I have a craving.

    – I quit red meat. Eat mostly fish and seafood and once in a while chicken and Turkey. No red meat at all in the last year.

    – use zinc-based 60+ spf sunscreen every day even when it’s cloudy and also when I spend a lot of time in front of a computer screen

    – before I started this diet, I did a cleanse:

    Warm water with lime every morning before breakfast

    Liquids only for 5 days. All prepared at home. Nothing artificial. Liquified veggie soups and juices, lemonade no sugar, herbal teas. As many times a day as I felt like. Tomato soup, spinach soup, carrot soup etc

    Three days of the same liquid diet plus organic fruits and salads

    That’s it. As I said I tried everything topical before and all types of supplements. Nothing ever worked. I quit everything and tried this and I saw minor results in 3 months, noticeable results in 6 months, drastic results in about 8 months. (I also lost a lot of weight!)

    It has something to do with hormonal balance and cleansing organs and blood.

    It has worked for me and I know it has to do with the fact that I stuck with it. If I hadn’t waited all those months i would have missed out. It’s not easy quoting sugar and meat. But it was way more difficult living with melasma on my face. So this is something I much rather live with.

    • Darsy

      Thanks for sharing this! I live in Florida too and boy is it hot and sunny. Will try this very soon and hopefully I’ll get similar results.

  2. Timilla

    I’ve had melasma for around 8 years, and I also had endometriosis (the culprit being my estrogen imbalance, too) with 3 surgeries to date. My main concern is endo, of course, and have tried all sorts of dietary changes and supplements to balance out my hormones over the years with more or less success (currently I have no symptoms endo-wise). I hoped to cure my melasma as a collateral benefit, but it was not to be. The diet I’m following is closest to the Mediterranean diet, with lots of vegetables, grains, white meat, fish, and nuts. I avoid refined sugar and flour. I go to the bathroom every day, so I don’t think estrogen reabsorption is a concern for me. By the way, I eat loads of rolled oats as I read that it helps cleanse your system of excess cholesterol (cholesterol is needed for estrogen production). To fight melasma I’ve been using retinoids, glycolic acid, salicylic acid, azelaic acid, niacinamide and vit C on a daily basis, and of course SPF 50 with PA+++. Still my melasma is unfortunately alive and kicking… The only relief comes in the winter when there’s virtually no sun exposure, but come late spring, and my brown patches start to show up again. 🙁

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