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My Melasma


My Current Melasma Routine

My Daily Melasma Routine This morning I was cleaning off my bathroom sink and took a moment to look at ALL of the products I use to manage my melasma..there are A LOT of them! I have spent so much money trying out different products…

Using LumiEssence by Sweetsation for Melasma

While doing some research on the best products to cover pregnancy mask, I came across the Lumi'Essence Cream and decided to give it a an organic product that contains Alpha-Arbutin, which is an extract from the bearberry plant and has been known to have…

Brooke Burke’s Melasma Skincare Routine

Celebrities..they're just like us right? They are moms. They wear sweatpants. They drink Starbucks. And guess what....they also get Melasma. Several celebrities have shared their frustrations with Melasma including Brandi Glanville, Ashley Spivey, Jenna Dewan. But none have been more vocal about their struggles than…
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