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Melasma Cures

The Exact Steps One Woman Took to Cure Her Melasma

One of the reasons I started this blog was to connect with other women who had Melasma, so we could get together and share information about how we were treating it. What worked. What didn’t work. I love hearing stories about women who have cured their melasma because it gives me hope. It gives us all hope. One woman who cured her melasma was kind enough to leave a lengthy comment on this blog post detailing the steps she took to cure Melasma. I thought I would do y’all a favor and give you the breakdown of exactly what she did!

Katie begins her story in the comments by revealing,

I’ve had Melasma for over 5 years. I have tried peels, exfoliation, otc creams, prescription creams etc. Nothing worked. Some even made it worse.

I met someone who had cured her melasma and she explained to me how she had done it. It was a long explanation and as you can imagine I was so focused on the “magic formula” that I paid little attention to the reason behind it.

It starts with a cleanse…

She kicked off her new Melasma regimen by going on a 5-day liquid cleanse. She drank water with a squeeze of lime first thing every morning and only ate liquefied vegetable juices, soups and herbal teas that she made at home. She then introduced organic fruits and salads into her liquid diet for another 3 days.

Skincare regimen to fade Melasma:

Katie used a Turmeric mask each night to lighten the appearance of Melasma. This mask was made of Turmeric Powder and water. She put it on her face for 30 minutes each night and then rinsed it off with a facial cleanser. Turmeric contains a component called curcumin which is a powerful anti-inflammatory and an antioxidant that works to reduce excess production of melanin. (Excess melanin is what gives Melasma the appearance on your face.)

She also uses a 60 SPF sunscreen on her face, even on cloudy days and especially days where she spends a lot of time in front of the computer screen. I thought this was very interesting, because it doesn’t always occur to me to wear sunscreen when I am inside my house working on the computer! (Here’s a list of some of our favorite sunscreens for Melasma)

Diet & Supplements to cure Melasma:

Perhaps the most dramatic part of her regimen was a change in her diet. This was not surprising, considering most of the Melasma cure stories that we’ve heard contain at least some change in diet.

Katie eliminated all red meats and eats primarily fish and seafood along with an occasional serving of chicken or turkey. She drinks one home-made green juice each day that she makes with a juicer and limits her sugar intake:

I limited sugar in my diet to the max. I quit sodas, ice creams, sugar in my coffee, and always check everything I buy for sugar content (even ketchup has sugar so this is important for me). I also watch for fruits high in natural sugar. Rather eat some fruits than juice them. This is what my friend said was the most important aspect of the regimen. So I avoid sugars as much as possible. I limit artificial sweeteners as well. Almost never eat those. I eat organic dark chocolate when I have a craving.

Along with the daily turmeric face mask mentioned above, she also takes a 1,200mg Turmeric supplement daily, taking a one week break from the vitamin every 3 weeks.

Though she isn’t sure exactly WHY this combination worked, she does credit her commitment to this regimen as the reason why her Melasma finally disappeared. In her words, Katie says, “It has worked for me and I know it has to do with the fact that I stuck with it. If I hadn’t waited all those months would have missed out. It’s not easy quoting sugar and meat. But it was way more difficult living with melasma on my face. So this is something I much rather live with.”

Disclaimer: I am not a doctor :) I'm just a girl who suffers from melasma and I'm on a quest to find out as much information about the disorder as I can and hopefully rid myself of Melasma once and for all.

This article has 5 comments

  1. Natalie

    Thank you, not only for this post but for making this blog. I’ve only just discovered it today, and though I hate that we have this in common, it is such a comfort to know I am not alone. I am excited to read everything here. Thank you so much.

  2. Melody

    Hi, I have reading all your posts, and I think you are like me, because you have feel that the time pass and the melasma go with you all the time to any where you go. My melasma is with me almost 10 years ago, but in my last pregnancy it were more marked over my face inclusive in the mustache, oh my God! The last three years I been looking for a cure with creams, but it only makes my face worse, the pigmentation is now more visible than before. I have almost three years without eat red meat, and some conditions about my health improved, but the melasma is still with me. I read a lot about the whole foods, and raw food, but I think I need more willpower, I know is difficult let to eat all that food like sugar, the meats, and all that things we love to eat. We need eat whole foods and unprocessed, drink a lot of water and infusions and of course make exercise because it will make us feel and see us better. I will try all your tips because you made me motivated with you blog, and now I know that I not the only person with this problem. For now I drink in the morning before the breakfast and before to bed a infusion with parsley Italian, I have read that this tea is good to clean the liver. All your advices are good, but I guess the better of all is the good health come from inside our bodies. Thank to you for make this blog and for share all your searches on the internet. I hope that this mail will not be the only one. Thank you.

  3. Maggie

    I sit in front of my computer all day – what does this mean?
    How would this worsen melsama?

    Very interesting!!!

  4. Prab

    Thanks for sharing melas and stories.
    In 2014, i spotted tiny brown spot on my cheeks. I ignored for couple of mths and then I noticed I have brown patchy on another cheek too. Bit worried now.
    Just went to Gp and she checked with wooden light and said it’s Melasma.
    Never heard before. Start panic. Next thing google it and came to know what melasma is? She recommend spf only. And she said this will get worse.rather than prescribe something she said it will get worse. Start using spf and stop going on sun. After few weeks, patches looks horrible on my face. More visible. Very stress what to do. Then I went to see skin specialist and he recommend Vitamin c serum and better sunscreen with zinc and titanium doxide. I start using them. No improvement in existing patches but I noticed they stopped at one point( no more growing patches). But I started my research. Done hormones and blood test. And find out my vitamin D and iron level were very very low. Start taking supplements. The only thing I tried to find out cause of melisma. Neither was pregnant nor was ok birth control pills. After spending hours and hours on my research and I believe Sun could be reason for my melasma. But my Melasma was epidermal.
    Things work for me:
    Herbal face food serum ( used night time only).
    I ordered ROC daily resurfacing disks make big difference in skin tone. Clear all dead skin
    I find out Great treatment for melisma is Nucelle for me. Magic
    I ordered nucelle kit from Canada. After using of two weeks specially mandelic serum 15% I started notice my skin is start peeling and my patches very light now, skin is soft and smooth no block pores. Very happy.
    Sunscreen: after wasting heaps of money on sunscreen. La Roche sunscreen 50+.
    Often I used nucelle clay mask and papaya exfoliat once a week.
    Nucelle products I used- face wash, face cream, clay mask, most importantly Nucelle mandelic peel 15%. I had little breakout when I first used these products but after 5-6 days, skin settle down.
    I drink plenty of warm water. No soft drinks. Take supplements vit D, iron tablets, fish oil 3. I mix couple of drops of vinegar in water and drink once a week. Eat more fruits and green vegetables. Avoid nuts ?. Always Hat and sunscreen.
    Things didn’t work for me-
    Dr.BC vit C serum (AUD$120).
    Lemon juice
    Aloe Vera gel
    Please don’t do any sort of expensive peels. Any aggressive acids on face. Use natural products.
    Note: I make home remedies as I saw video on YouTube for dark circles under eyes. Cucumbers, potatoe juice, honey and fresh aloe Vera gel. I made this and applied under my eyes for 2-3 weeks and i notice a big difference and then I thought let’s try on face too. After using 3-4 nights, i noticed my existed light patches disappear. At one point I wasn’t sure, I asked my husband, friends and they said oh no more melasma. Have you done laser.Nope no
    I am skin is more glowing now. Very happy. I don’t use any foundation to hide patches. No more patches.

  5. Darsy

    Thank you for this blog and writing these positive articles. They give me so much hope. Almost 2 years post pregnancy and still struggling with melasma over here. This makes me want to get serious about changing my diet and sticking to it this time ha! Hoping my next comment is saying I got rid of melasma too !! 🙂

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