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Beauty Tricks for Melasma

5 Simple Ways to Get Rid of a Melasma Mustache

Does your upper lip have a shadow? Every time you look in the mirror can you see the melasma mustache taunting you and no matter what you do it doesn’t go away? Welcome to the club. Although it’s not a club any of us want to be in!

In this blog post, we are going to discuss some of the ways that you can get rid of the melasma mustache. We’ll first start off by discussing what causes a melasma mustache and then I’ll list a few ways that you can try to get rid of or hide it.

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What Causes a Melasma Mustache?

Wouldn’t it be great to know exactly what’s causing your upper lip to have a dark shadow? Unfortunately, there are several theories as to why some women develop a melasma mustache, however, there isn’t one concrete theory that applies to all women. So we’ll take a look at some of the more common theories below:

Birth Control

Some women develop a melasma mustache while taking birth control. This is likely caused by an imbalance in hormones (extra estrogen) caused by the birth control pills. If you suspect that your melasma mustache is due to taking birth control, you can stop taking the pill and see if the mustache goes away. It can take several months and up to a year to see any difference.


Just like with birth control, women who have just gone through child birth are also prone to the melasma mustache because of a change in their hormones. Luckily, if your melasma is caused by pregnancy, there is a good chance that it will disappear on its own once your hormones settle back into their normal routine.


If you come from a family who is prone to melasma and skin conditions, there is an increased likelihood that you will also develop melasma. In which case, it would be in your best interest to wear protective sunscreen and wide brim hats when you go outside in order to not aggravate the melasma.

Unknown Reasons

Many women who suffer from melasma mustache do not fall into any of the categories listed above, so unfortunately, finding a cure for them is a bit tricky. There are many theories out there which include thyroid issues, adrenal fatigue, leaky gut, poor functioning liver, and candida. Because an exact cause of melasma is hard to pinpoint, finder a cure is even harder.


How to Get Rid of Melasma Mustache

Although there is no known cure that works for every woman suffering from the dreaded melasma mustache, there are a few things that you can try to get rid of it. Below, we’ll take a look at some of the more common routes to treating melasma.

1. Get off Birth Control

If you are on birth control, the first thing you should try is to stop taking your birth control pill to see if that helps with the mustache. You will want to work with your doctor to seek alternative birth control options while you figure out if it is indeed the birth control pills that are causing your melasma.

2. Hydroquinone

Hydroquinone is a prescription based lightening cream that has been shown to be effective on lightening a melasma mustache. It works by blocking the chemicals in your skin that produce melanin. You do have to be careful when using hydroquinone, however, because it will make your skin more sensitive to sun and it is not recommended for long-term use. (Sidenote: Hydroquinone did NOT work for me).

3. Stay out of the Sun

As much of a bummer as that sounds, you will need to stay out of the sun as much as possible and when you do go in the sun you’ll want to make sure to cover up your face with a zinc-oxide based  sunscreen and a hat.


How to a Hide Melasma Mustache

If you are still unable find to cure for the mustache using the strategies listed above, then your next best option to find a way to conceal it with makeup, sunscreens & be sure to wear wide brim hats while outside.

4. Concealers

Peach and orange tinted concealers tend to do the best job at covering the dark grayish skin on your upper lip. Concealers like the Pixi Color Correcting Concentrate are inexpensive and do a great job at hiding the mustache. (You can check out my before & after picture to see the difference using this concealer)

5. Sunscreens

Sunscreens are an absolute MUST when you have melasma. You will need to start wearing a zinc-based physical sunscreen of at least 50 spf on your face at all times. Here’s a list of some of the best sunscreens for Melasma. You also will need to make sure to reapply sunscreen on your mustache throughout the day.

Do you have a melasma mustache? What are you doing to get rid of or cover it up? I’d love to hear from you! Leave a comment below.


Disclaimer: I am not a doctor :) I'm just a girl who suffers from melasma and I'm on a quest to find out as much information about the disorder as I can and hopefully rid myself of Melasma once and for all.

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  1. 顔のシミを消す方法


  2. Melasma freak

    Hey im only 16 and i have melasma. I have not yet consulted doctor because my parents felt that melasma is something ordinary. But to me it wasnt. When i go out in the sun,my upper lip felt like it is burning and it stings.I felt so insecured and when someone point out that i have moustache(my moustache is not thick but melasma made it looks like a boy’s moustache ,i felt so upset.

  3. Franny

    I’m so glad I found this page! I am so frustrated by my melasma and am getting desperate for some improvement. So far, I have only tried natural remedies (apple cider vinegar + water, and lemon juice). I just came back from a tropical vacation. I was diligent about sunscreen and a wearing a hat, but it didn’t help and my melasma is now worse than ever. =(

  4. Karie

    Melasma mustache is by far the one of the most depressing skin issues I’ve dealt with. Makes me very self conscious. I hate going out. Sadly, even with the terrible psychological affects Melasma has on us, melasma is still considered a cosmetic issue. Leaving us having pay $1000 of dollars a year with wishful dreams and unsatisfactory results. The BEST thing I’ve found to regain my self confidence is the dermablend concealer stick and Estes Lauder double wear foundation. They work wonders and I’m so thankful I found them. I won’t leave home without it. It’s the only thing that doesn’t make me feel like I look like a man. I pray a treatment plan that works is discovered soon to end then suffering from this very depressing disorder.

  5. Melissa

    Has anyone tried using a chemical peel? I am going to try that route.

    • Niya

      I made 3 chemical peels,but it works till the next summer.i read a lot about Dermamelan peeling that everybody says it is the best solution for melasma.also,I heard about ReVerse products in the States ,have you heard about it and if yes,what is your opinion?

  6. Becky Thornton

    Before you try anything like chemical peels and surgery…Rodan+Fields has a Reverse lightening regimen. Just look up before and after of melasma and Reverse. I’m only posting this here because a good friend had lost hope after post-pregnancy melasma and it worked for her. I am a consultant if you need more info. I’m just sharing though. If you know someone in your area that sells R+F contact them. If you’d like you can message me and I’d be happy to help. Don’t lose hope many people have found this solution to work. The doctors that created ProActiv are the creators of R+F…the products work.

    • Karla

      Would you tell me what is R+F? I’m desperately in need of something. I really appreciate it.
      Thank you.

  7. Veronica

    I’ve been microneedling and that has helped with my melasma mustache. I do it at home.

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