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Big Brother Winner Jordan Has Melasma (Pics)

I was cruising Instagram in the middle of the night and scrolled past one of my favorite Big Brother contestant’s feed, Jordan Lloyd winner of BB 11. It had been a while since I looked at her pics, so I proceeded to scroll through dozens of pictures. I was surprised to see that she has Melasma. I scrolled to a few more pics to get a better look and sure enough she had a makeup-less selfie and hashtagged it with #yesthatsmelasmaonmyface.

In September of 2016, Jordan posted a picture with the caption addressing her struggle with Melasma,

I officially have the pregnancy mask!!? I already had melasma to begin with, but since being pregnant, it has spread all over my face. I Went to the beach today, used SPF 50, & wore a hat!! It doesn’t matter though, as soon as I get hot or go out in the sun it gets so dark!! Can’t wait to get my laser treatment in December to get rid of my melasma mustache & discoloration patches!! #nomakeup #nofilter #thestriggleisreal
t 6:38pm PDT

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What I love about Jordan and her Instagram feed is that she doesn’t try to hide Melasma. She keeps her Instagram feed real by posting pics of herself without makeup. Quite honestly, I barely have the courage to post a picture of myself without makeup because my Melasma makes me feel so insecure. So if there is one thing that we can learn from and appreciate from Jordan is that Melasma doesn’t take away from our beauty. Yes…it’s a pain to deal with. But it’s not something we can run from or hide from and maybe we should start embracing it, as Jordan has.

Disclaimer: I am not a doctor :) I'm just a girl who suffers from melasma and I'm on a quest to find out as much information about the disorder as I can and hopefully rid myself of Melasma once and for all.

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