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Melasma Makeup Tutorials

Best Mac Makeup Products to Cover Hyperpigmentation & Melasma

If you are wondering which Mac makeup products to use to cover hyperpigmentation and melasma, you are in the right spot! This blog post is for you!


Best Mac Makeup for Hyperpigmentation

Over the weekend, my daughter and I found ourselves with a few hours to kill while my husband and sons when to Austin Comic Con. We strolled around the Domain which is an outdoor shopping center and walked into the Mac store. While in there I got the idea to finally get a professional lesson on how to hide the hyperpigmentation from melasma on my face.

As luck would have it, they had a couple of openings and I poured my heart and soul to that sweet makeup artist. I told him about my struggles with melasma and how I needed some major help in covering it up. He was super sweet and had an action plan.


The first thing he did was prime my face using the Mac Prep + Prime. As he explained to me, the primer would keep my face hydrated throughout the day. The number one reason makeup starts to look cake-y is because your face dries out…so the primer helps to prevent that.

Next up he used the Mac Fast Response Eye Cream (which has caffeine in it) on my eyes, again this was to keep my under-eyes bags hydrated.


Next up he applied the Mac Pro Longwear Concealer to my undereyes and to the pigmented portions of my skin. Now this is where the most magical thing happened, he used a flat brush that I had never seen before. It looked like the type of brush you would use to scrub something, however, it was full of super soft bristles. When I asked him about the brush, he said it was a miracle worker and made the makeup look like velvet when applied. SOLD! Give me one of those, please!


Then he applied the Mac StudioFix Foundation all over my face, using the same magical brush. It took him about three tries to get the right color and if I’m being honest, it might be a little light for me, but I need to use it a little more. Once he was done applying the foundation, he applied a little bit of blush and then finished up with the Mac Loose Mineral Powder.


Here is the full list of products that he used on me:

Processed with Moldiv

And here is a before & after picture of the entire experience. As you can tell in the first photo, my hyperpigmentation tends to be red/purplish…but it’s nowhere to be seen in the after photo!


Disclaimer: I am not a doctor :) I'm just a girl who suffers from melasma and I'm on a quest to find out as much information about the disorder as I can and hopefully rid myself of Melasma once and for all.

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  1. Ivanna

    Seriously you read my mind. I was just wondering if this MAC studio fix foundation would cover my melasma moustache I’m glad I decided to visit your blog today. I’m going yo try it tomorrow.

  2. Nikki Mello

    Did you ask name of brush he used?

  3. Meg

    What brush did he use?

  4. husna favaz

    I love using oval brushes too, they seriously amp up the makeup game. I haven’t tried the eye cream yet, sounds great!

  5. Madison

    Do these MAC products have any of the hormone disrupters in them like mentioned in your other blog post?

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